Wir sind Vegan – Nivilli UG (haftungsbeschränkt)




The spirit of the times does not stop at craftsmanship. Because strictly speaking, the Nivilli is a tool. However, quality tools are not only characterized by ease of use, but also by their long service life and reliability. As young future-oriented parents, the founders have a high interest in ensuring that social-ethical values are passed on to their children in order to leave behind a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. With Nivilli, the company and they as customers each make a small contribution to this.

Why does Nivilli want a vegan product?

Family. For Wilhelm Frank, it was particularly important to incorporate certain family values into the product. His wife is convinced of a vegan lifestyle and thus transported certain values into the new venture.

Responsibility. Aiming at this is the sense of responsibility towards our animal and environment. The product should be exclusively an enrichment for the everyday working life, without our later generations should suffer through the production.

Sustainability. A vegan product also means at the same time that it must stand for sustainability. Quality is one thing and absolutely important for the company, but that alone is not enough. Of course, this is not always easy and brings a manufacturer before various challenges. But with the decision for the somewhat lighter but more expensive PU materialThe new material has set a signal against the less expensive PVC material.


After finishing the last prototype, Nivilli UG found itself three days later in the laboratories of the Testing and Research Institute of PFI-Germany in Primasens again. The demands were high and the prototype had to pass a series of technical as well as chemical tests.

Only after all criteria are fully tested and passed, the product is certified and has the permission to use the seal of PFI-Germany.

The company is proud to announce that after weeks of testing, the Nivilli has passed all the required tests and has been granted the seal.

All further information about the conditions of the PFI-Germany examination and research institute can be found at: