Unsere Story – Nivilli UG (haftungsbeschränkt)




"Why isn't there a convenient shoe that makes leveling a surface, and then squeegeeing and deflating the wet leveling compound, easy and safe?"

Wilhelm Frank asked himself this question as he once again desperately tried to undo the glued Velcro fasteners of his nail soles. He had had enough of these things. All day long he could only move slowly on these wobbly soles and still kept twisting his ankle. His new expensive work shoes were also full of leveling compound again and now he also had to somehow try to clean the nail shoe to be able to use it another time.

"It can't go on like this, there needs to be a product that addresses this very issue!"

No sooner said than done - after months of development and plenty of invested heart and soul, he held his first prototype of today's Nivilli in his hands. A product that leaves behind the carefully analyzed drawbacks of existing products. A shoe that stands out by combining the highest functionality with the greatest possible user-friendliness: fast, comfortable and sustainable!

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Wilhelm Frank, mind and inventor

Shortly after Wilhelm Frank passed the exam to become a tiler, he set out on his own and is now the managing director of a successful specialized company with numerous employees and trainees.

His decades of experience as a craftsman gave him the idea of the Nivilli in the summer of 2018.

Thanks to his work as an entrepreneur and the support of his partner Felix Pfirrmann, he managed to develop a working tool from this idea in just 2 years, test it and now actually bring it to market.

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Our mission

Nivilli UG is a young startup company that has set itself the task of revolutionizing the nail shoe. This idea is not new. From 1937 until today, there have been exactly 7 patent applications for nail shoes, including Nivilli.

Almost a century later, the development process is now culminating in a perfected product thanks to state-of-the-art technology: The Nivilli&

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